Technology Audit Services

What we do

Our audit service is a valuable, first-step process that takes a comprehensive, low risk look at your voice and data environment, to help you uncover immediate savings for your business

How we do it

Our approach is to use the 5-C Methodology including:

Condition: provides an overview of an unidentified problem within the telecommunications and mobile environment

Criteria: which standard or service was not met.

Cause: why did the problem occur?

Consequence: what are the risks and findings of the audit outcome?

Corrective Action: what should be done about the audit findings and by when?


  • Reconciliation of invoices

    • Reconciling the telephony accounts (Telkom, Mobile Operators and VOIP Operators)

  • Resource allocation

    • Interaction with the multiple suppliers to ensure invoices are paid timeously and discounts are applied correctly

  • Monitoring of assets and inventory

    • Timeously reporting and contract renewals and/or status changes

  • Cost allocations

    • Cost breakdown of invoices per business unit allocating costs accordingly

  • Reporting

    • Monthly trend reports

    • Budgeted costs versus Actual costs

    • Detailed usage reports

      • Identification of over and under utilised devices

    • Cost Reduction Reports

      • Identify cost saving possibilities

  •  By ensuring accurate billing of infrastructure, services and usage consumption you can validate discount structures by the respective service providers

Improve the company's internal ability to manage expenses:

  • Analyse expenses and use

  • Query billing anomalies

  • Accurately allocate expenses to cost centres

  • Improve efficiency of Telecommunications and Mobile infrastructure, services and consumption of these services

  • Recover costs from the respective service providers as a result of billing discrepancies and over payment

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