Expense Management Consulting

What we do

Our business analysts and consulting team are experienced financial, technical and industry subject matter experts who understand the importance for enterprises to manage technology expenses. Having your indirect expenses under control means you can confidently cross-charge and recover cost centre spend and then use the insight delivered by our expense solution to realise savings and improve cost efficiencies from your suppliers. This can be done by:

How we do it

  • Audit assessments to analyse your invoices linked to supplier contracts

  • Differentiating insights into industry trends

  • Setting market benchmarks

  • Optimising opportunity


Expense Management Consulting is the support an organisation needs to move to the expense automation space whereby transaction costs can significantly reduce and management control can improve when logging, calculating and processing corporate expenses

By identifying billing anomalies, rate card errors, over-billing, unused and under-utilised products and services we can eradicate these leading to overall cost savings.

By differentiating insights into industry trends we will analyse similar services from different industry suppliers to track

unusual billing patterns and unknown items.

By setting market benchmarks we can track your overall spend per category against budget baselines.

By optimising opportunity we will consolidate suppliers and achieve economies of scale.

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What is Expense Management?
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