Enterprise Performance Management Vendor Selection

What we do

As we are software agnostic we have worked with many companies over the last 20 years, assisting them with matching the right EPM solution to their business. We pride ourselves with the ability to identify the clients current and future requirements and assist them through all the evaluation phases of a technology solution. Thus assuring the client has a robust process to select the best solution for their requirement while reducing the cost and time associated with the evaluation process thus ensuring an optimal decision

How we do it

We follow a defined process of documenting your current EPM requirement to understand your process and the problems and deficiencies that may currently exist.  After this we perform a maturity study to understand how advanced your usage of EPM technology and processes are. It is also key to define the maturity of your current users and define a roadmap for evolution in the future and this forms part of assisting us in defining your future requirements to ensure that the technology does not only meet your current requirements but also your future requirements. We then convert your business requirements into technology requirements that will be used to effectively communicate this to potential vendors and be able to score them accurately.



Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Consultants in the vendor selection, will save you time and money, but more importantly we will ensure you make the right decision that will not only meet your current, but future requirements too

The clients requirements are sometimes very difficult to convert to technology requirements which may make the evaluation process ineffective but more importantly make a selection of a product that does not fit your organisations requirements well. We have many years of years of experience and can easily convert business requirements to technical requirements to ensure your organisation selects the best possible EPM solution.

Our experience has taught us that some EPM technology solutions match certain industry requirements better. With many years of experience we know which EPM solutions to match to which industry

The EPM technology evaluation phase should not be underestimated and can be a very time consuming and costly process requiring a lot of effort of the evaluation team. With our experience we can reduce the potential list of vendors once we have done our analysis as well as the time to selection.


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