Streamline Usage

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What is Streamline Usage

Our much-evolved Usage Management technology platform, within the Streamline Product suite, has a proven 40 year-old track record of serving a multitude of customers globally.

The platform allows you to easily transform your itemised usage data into actionable insights, in order to better manage and control runaway usage costs within your business.

This enables your business to allocate and report usage and costs accurately across fixed line, mobile, proxy data, print, video conferencing or any other consumption based technology service.


  • The discovery of additional capacity through traffic analysis, route overflow and vendor management

  • Identification of zero usage and low usage services, freeing-up expensive communication licenses

  • Ability to analyse personal usage, abuse and misuse of communication services

  • Improvement of customer experience through monitoring call volumes, drop rates and wait times

  • Being able to plan effectively, according to usage trends, peak times and busy periods

  • Implementation of budget pre-threshold notifications and over-limit alerts

  • Ability to block devices and services when usage limits are reached

  • Power to drive technology usage analytics and consumption awareness

  • Improving Security and Forensic analysis for Fraud and Security teams

  • Define dashboards and reports for executives, administrators, managers or users

  • Provide dashboards, reporting and budgets to every level of the organisation

  • Scheduled and request-on-demand reporting that easily distinguishes between different forms of usage and identifies services of zero or low usage

  • Fully automated reports separate private usage from business usage and provides vital intelligence for greater control and transparency, allowing better allocation of your spend

  • Our Streamline Usage solution generates detailed reports on all consumption based services, outlining usage across all levels of your organisation

  • Allow corporates to associate budgets to cost owners and recover your consumption-based services

  • Accurately cost any consumption data in line with service provider tariff tables or your own defined tariffs

  • Gain more control over usage thresholds and enforce budget limits on various devices

  • Streamline Usage is compatible, supports and integrates with any on-premise or hosted voice PBX platform in the market

  • Our in-house development team allows us to react quickly to data and technology changes within the market

  • We have the ability to integrate with your ERP and finance database systems

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