Streamline On Bill

Customer Challenges

What is Streamline On Bill

Streamline On Bill is a white labelled, multi-tenanted solution that enables telecommunication service providers to On Bill their hosted voice and auxiliary services to their resellers and their customers


  • Offering Telco Service Providers their own network and hosted Unified Communications capabilities to their market

  • No hosting fees

  • Active license model - pay as you use

  • Reseller and customer portals - wholesale Unified Communications to customers specifically

  • Resellers on selling from Telcos that require the ability to On Bill these wholesale services and automate their billing processes to their customers

  • Multi-tariff for buying, selling and customer rates

  • Agnostic to data feeds and Unified Communications platforms

  • Self provisioning and auto-configuration setup of new customers/resellers

  • Business invoicing extracts provided to financial systems

  • Self Service Analytics and Reporting

  • Threshold management and exception reporting

  • Multi-tenanted white labelled service provider and reseller portal

  • Service provider and customer multi rate cards

  • Auxiliary service billing

  • Self Analytics and Reporting

  • Business invoicing extracts provided to financial systems

  • Self Analytics and Reporting

  • Budget Management

  • Business area and user cost recovery

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