SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

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What is SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

SAP Analytics Cloud is a new generation of cloud analytics combining all capabilities into a single software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. These capabilities include: budgeting; planning; forecasting; predictive analytics; business intelligence. Customers can take advantage of a modern, intuitive user experience and save time by planning, analysing, predicting and collaborating in context. SAP Analytics Cloud helps analysts to create dynamic visual stories with trusted data. This data is centrally controlled and based on the main business areas. Better decisions can be made by engaging with visualisations, drilling down to get more granular details, and answering on-fly business questions


  • Better fact-based decision making and improved business performance with the creation of stories and dashboards using visualisations

  • More effective use of analytics with extensibility across devices and applications.

  • Ability to automatically analyse data, revealing key influencers and supporting ‘what-if’ scenarios and simulations

  • Uncover insights and patterns in your data to build better understanding

  • Use of predictive analytics to answer key business questions

  • Simplified financial planning and analysis

  • Budget, plan and forecast with the use of scenarios, embed collaboration tools and analytics directly into your planning processes, so you never have to switch between applications again

  • Digital boardroom: Equip C-level executives with a single source of truth for steering the company through real-time information with total transparency in order to make smarter decisions

  • Search to Insight: Machine learning technology lets you uncover insights and patterns by simply asking a query through visualisations

  • Smart Discovery: Uncover the factors that most impact business performance, discover key patterns and relationships with your data

  • Smart Predict: Train predictive models with data already available and apply the tests to answer the toughest business questions.

  • Plan and forecast: Achieve sustainable business results in one clear cloud approach with shared enterprise planning

  • Organisations achieve complete alignment in all business areas by aligning strategic, financial, and organisational planning within SAP Analytics Cloud

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