Technology Expense Management Case Study

9 August 2020

Customer Industry             



Geographical Presence

A leading global business communications provider with more than 17 000 staff worldwide, supplying ICT services to 5 500 multinational companies across 180 countries worldwide.


Partner Details 

Partner manages and delivers a multitude of solutions and services as part of their cloud strategy, into complex customer voice and data networks that are distributed globally. Solutions delivered include: networking; cloud-based unified collaboration; hybrid cloud services; and security.


Customer Needs

  • A partner and solution suite to complement their Unified Communications offering to their multinational customers within South Africa
  • Expertise and intelligence with telecoms data to create customer business cases to enable them to further up-sell additional services and solutions into their existing customer base
  • Ability to accurately cost and recover their own voice network services to their customers
  • Ability to understand their customer’s existing voice services and infrastructure environment to be able to effectively manage


Adapt IT Solutions

With the partner having limited resources and manual processes in place to manage their customers telecoms spend, Adapt IT quickly provided a team and deployed branded partner solutions that:

  • Automated processes and delivery of telecom invoicing to their customers timeously
  • Delivered consistency and accuracy in their telecom invoicing to their customers
  • Provided intelligence in formulating business cases for sound sales opportunities
  • Provided a platform whereby their customers were able to allocate, manage and recover telecoms costs internally from within their business
  • Empowered the customer in terms of visibility and insight to manage the partner’s costs to them


What Process Was Simplified?

The directory maintenance process of extensions linked to users and services are now automated and synchronised with the customer’s solution when any addition, modifications or updates are done

The billing process to partners and customers has been automated, with built in exception reporting and validation steps

Money Saved    

  • Recovered US$ 1.9 million annually through improved and automated invoicing management
  • Closure of US$ 4.8 million worth of sales opportunities