What a Telephone Management System means to your business?

16 November 2020

A Telephone Management System (TMS) is essential for businesses that wish to drive the right behaviours and effective usage of their communication management strategies.

Telephone Management systems, also referred to as Call Accounting software or Call Logging Systems, collect call data from traditional PBXs or IP Telephony systems to provide insight into whether telephony devices and networks are being used effectively and efficiently.

Telephony and Unified Communication (UC) systems is one of the most highly used and essential business assets, from sales and support activities, to inter-branch and international operations. It therefore makes sense, that only by having a better understanding of how the business communications system is being utilised, can activities can be measured, improved and managed.

Key benefits in implementing Adapt IT’s Streamline Usage solution:

  • Improve your employee productivity through effectively understanding calling patterns and trends in the planning process.
  • Increase your network efficiency, through identifying unused, abuse and misused services.
  • Heighten your security through monitoring for suspicious, fraudulent and malicious behaviour on any of your consumption-based services.
  • Realise hard cost savings through budget reporting, transparency and notification to business units and staff that use these services.

Streamline Usage not only provides a solution to effectively manage voice, but considers all communication channels, including Video Conferencing, Print, Internet Usage and Email; all within a cloud-based centralised solution.

Streamline Usage‘s reporting and dashboards provides the critical information needed by any level of your organisation to make informed decisions, by division, business unit and down to individual consumers of your enterprise’s communication environment. As a result, you gain insights into busy patterns, how resources are used effectively, drive communication budget, expense and charge back into cost centres, and eliminate abuse and misuse; thereby improving the effectiveness of your communication environment.