What Technology and Telecoms Expense Management can tell you?

19 October 2020

Effective Technology and Telecoms Expense Management reveals much more than what infrastructure, software and services actually cost the company – it can uncover ineffective procurement, resource allocation issues, optimization, the need for new operational models and more, says Marco Almeida,  Head of Operations at Adapt IT.

“When we investigate the Technology and Telecoms expense data collected for clients, we usually uncover a great deal of information they didn’t expect to find. They may be being billed incorrectly or consuming services less than optimally. Once our customers have transparency and control, they typically have an ‘aha!’ moment and take immediate action to drive change,” he says.

“There’s usually a mind shift once an organisation has achieved visibility across mobile, fixed and data communications in a unified environment. They begin looking at other technologies and consumption patterns. Or with new access to accurate data, companies may find they have been paying the higher consumer retail rate for services, where they should have been negotiating better buying rates.  These insights have a snowball effect and drive a concerted effort to find new areas to control costs and improve efficiencies within the organisation. This is where we step in as a trusted advisor, to help guide their assessment of their strategies, choice of service providers and service consumption models to optimise the enterprise IT environment.”

Once accurate expense data becomes available, it impacts how companies procure and use technology, how they allocate costs, how they engage with vendors, how they approach longer term contracts with systems integrators and vendors, and how they deploy applications and solutions, says Almeida. It additionally delivers rich data for forecasting, CRM and ERP purposes, he notes.

“In addition to cost allocation, optimising the environment and controlling mobile sprawl, there are benefits in understanding communications data in a number of areas. It helps the company understand and track interactions with customers, identify business trends as well as base new technology or application investments on accurate data.”

Technology and Telecoms Expense Management allows the organisation to extract valuable data from its spend in order to add benefit to the business, turning it into something the business can use in terms of big data analysis in that environment,” Almeida says