Effective technology management as a catalyst for innovation

19 October 2020

With communications being a growing component of the overall cost of doing business, effective management of telecoms procurement, allocations and use is crucial in keeping costs down. But for many organisations, gaining full visibility of the communications does more than drive down the cost of business – it furthermore becomes a catalyst for change.

Marco Almeida, Head of Operations at Adapt IT, says major Adapt IT clients adopting Technology and Telecoms Expense Management tools frequently implement significant changes after reviewing the new insights they gain from these solutions. Depending on the type of business, communications could contribute anything from 2% to over 50% of the total cost of doing business, therefore it is crucial that companies not only control costs, but understand exactly how those costs are incurred in order to change their operations and plan for future implementations, says Almeida.

Improved visibility of technology and telecoms use can spark better operations and services to your customers and businesses.


“There are usually unexpected findings when enterprises gain full transparency in their IT environment. They may discover, for example, that increased data consumption adds a significant cost to cloud services; or that new handsets issued to staff resulted in a spike in mobile data consumption.”

“Armed with this new insight, some of our large enterprise customers have immediately moved to change the way they procure and use their communications services, and in so doing they have improved their operational models, productivity and customer experience. For example, one enterprise discovered that much of their mobile usage was by its own staff calling to place orders from the field. It developed a mobile-based ordering app, improved efficiencies within the sales team, ultimately speeding up the ordering process, reducing the number of staff needed to process orders, and cutting its mobile expenses at the same time.”

“As part of any application rollout, cloud implementation or software as a service (SaaS) strategy, the CIO has to have an objective plan around the costs and implications of the associated infrastructure and services. Technology and Telecoms Expense Management delivers this,” He says. “When new models or implementations come as a result of gaining insight of one’s IT environment, it is important to manage and measure the impact of the shift to determine what the achievements were.”